Saturday, April 28, 2007

Late Nights and Old Times

Last night I was up till about 4 in the morning. And then I was up this morning at 7 just like usual with Teenybop. I feel like a zombie, but I'm a happy one. I think I worked out a lot of stuff that was in my head for years and years, just because I could talk it out with my best friend. I may end up with nothing resolved ... but that's okay. It was good anyway, I got a better understanding not only of me, but of her, and that's the thing I've missed the most about her in the years that we spent out of contact.

It was a good night. The late night was a long phone call (5 and a half hours) with Jessica ... but then my portable died. So we ended up on AIM, but that just isn't the same ... we can't talk as fast, and since we were sitting still, it gave us a chance to get sleepy. Damn.

But there is another phone in my horizon, one that comes with two handsets ... and in the meantime, there's always tonight.