Saturday, April 14, 2007


I was re-reading one of my old blogs today (told you I'm bad at keeping them up, I'm doing well this time ... but I don't know how long it will last, LOL), and I found a post I'd done about my daughter, and it was so pretty and made me smile and remember. I love it so much I thought I'd repost it here:

From Tuesday May 30, 2006:

"I used to write letters to my daughter. I would tell her how precious she is to me, how pretty she’s getting. I’d tell her what her newest word was, what she’d been doing.

Now, my daughter is two and a half years old. She is three feet tall, and very petite. She’s thin except for round cheeks that lift and perk with her smiles. She has a beautiful face with a pouting cupid’s bow mouth and enormous blue eyes that are slightly slanted and thickly lashed.

She takes her panties all the way off when she goes to the potty, and because she is the one who puts them back on, they are often backwards and inside out. As a result, she wanders the apartment with the panties’ tag hanging out beneath her navel, which is both innie and outie because they cut her umbilical too short. She always has at least one butt cheek hanging out, and an offer to help her fix it will offend her without fail.

She wears her favorite shoes all day, whether we leave the house that day or not, and her purple sunglasses are forever perched on the top of her blonde head. Her hair has never been cut or trimmed and it is thick but still baby fine and soft. It now reaches almost to the middle of her back and she is super-proud of it. She turns willingly to have it brushed and then turns her back to everyone in the room saying, "See? Pretty!"

Her voice is high-pitched and sing-song like a sweet childhood melody and her giggles erupt from deep in her belly. They also are high-pitched and they frequently remind me of bird-song in the early mornings of spring.

Her back is smooth and straight; her stomach is already flat and somewhat chiseled; her smile is quick, open and easy. Her moods are open, unhidden, and widely varied. Her favorite mood is unbridled joy, and her motto is, "Ah one dut," which means, "I want to do it."

She is playful and my favorite thing to do is sit quietly in a corner and proudly observe what I have taught her. She can count to three but her phone number has been "six-six-five" for months now. She gently cradles her baby while she holds the phone so that "Baby" can talk, too. She loves to color, play dress-up, and is already learning to ride a real bike.

She is chatty and her vocabulary is large and varied, including words like "probably", "medicine", "poison", "careful". She has learned her manners and she uses them ... "Please," "thanks," and "excuse me." She is already using three to four word sentences on a regular basis, and her speech is getting clear enough that I rarely have to translate for her anymore.

My daughter loves to "read" already and has a full shelf of books that she "reads" daily. She carries a purse and tucks her baby in for the night. She cleans up after herself and loves to build her mommy a "big house" with her blocks. When we sit together to pray, the mention of the sacred name of Jesus is all it takes to have her bowing her head with eyes closed and hands folded.

From her pull-ups (for sleeping) to her bedroom theme, everything is all princess in our house ... just like my daughter."

Like a friend to a friend, there is nothing as precious as the love of a mother for her child...