Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So I Had a Physical ...

It was yesterday ... And while I'm thrilled to have finally gotten my saliva-test kit for my hormone issues, I'm not too happy about any of the rest of the appointment. First of all, I showed a two pound loss on the scale ... one that is mysteriously absent from my home scale. Grrr. And then there comes the weird stuff. While talking about the hormone testing, I asked if clearing up whatever hormone issue there is would help me with my energy level. It seems that no matter what I do or don't do, I am exhausted all the time. All the time. It's awful, and it makes me so crabby and just miserable company.

So in answer to my question, my doctor says that most likely, yes the hormone issue will fix almost all of my other issues. Then again ... do I snore? Why, yes, I say. I snore a little.

And now I've screwed myself.

Because she's going to order a sleep study to be done ... and it will be the first night in my daughter's life that we have spent the night apart. She hasn't even spent the night with my parents without me or anything. And now? Well, now, I'll be kissing her goodnight, tucking her in ... and sneaking out the door. I'm sure the study will go wonderfully ... matter of fact, I bet I sleep great. Not. (And yes, I was born in the 80's).

I'm not thrilled at all.

I'm also not thrilled about the other "great" news I got. Last year when I went for my physical, there was a lump in my left breast. They sent me for a mammogram, and decided that the lump was a cyst or a lymph node, not cancer or anything scary like that. So I had myself settled down and ready to wait for the next mammogram to come in about ... oh, twenty more years? Yeah right. There are two lumps now. So I'm off someday soon for Mammogram: The Next Episode.

Then again, if these are just fibroid cysts, those are yet another symptom of hormone imbalance. So short of having the lumps totally disappear, I'm praying for that. Who knows, maybe the hormone test stuff will come back all crazy and it will explain everything ...