Friday, March 21, 2008

Down On The Farm

Well, I've been to my garden spot every day this week, every day since the first day, anyway. I like it there, it's peaceful, and there's just something about turning my dirt, getting it ready for planting that makes me feel settled.

We even went one day when the weather was calling for rain, to spread our mulch on the pathways that I needed to set out! We got there a little while before the rain did, so when it going started, we just hopped in the car and said, "Okay, more later."

The first day we went, we just mapped out our areas, but the second day was the day it rained. So all we got done was the mulch on the pathways, but yesterday we went and got almost all the earth broken up and ready for planting. We still have to go back and turn the beds again, mix in some compost, but that'll maybe be tomorrow, because I don't have time to get out there today. Today I've got to catch up on my house, and I think Teenybop needs to catch up on some sleep. She's being a real pain today, so "quiet time" is the thing for us today.

I wanted to get on here really quick though, and post some of the pictures that I'd taken while we'd been there.

This first one is the first day we went, just the plot before we'd done anything to it ...

And this one is the second day, that's Fiance's feet as he was helping me spread the mulch on the paths so that I'd remember where I could walk without having to worry about putting anoyying little tags everywhere.

We'll sorry to leave such a short sucky post, but maybe I'll get back later with something soul-searching and whatnot.