Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lately, My Daily Prayer

I am a major music fan ... it's my life. There is a song for every person in my life, for nearly every occasion, and a perfect song for each and every feeling that comes to mind at this moment. Throughout my life, music has been my strength, my solace in hard times, and something strong enough to pick me up when my life was falling apart.

And as I've come back to Jesus and I've gotten to know Him personally in the past several years, I've really been turned on to Christian contemporary music. Occasionally, I still get down with some rock, or even rap, I still know and love tons of country songs, but the music that really speaks into my life tends to be of a Christian nature. Songs that have really lifted me, songs that have helped me to learn who I am in Him, and songs that remind me of His power to move in my life ... There are too many to list here, but here are my latest favorites, and as my title suggests, my two daily prayers.

  • Ruin Me, by Jeff Johnson ... The video isn't all that moving in itself since all it has are the lyrics to the song, but nonetheless it is a beautiful song, a reminder for me of who I am, and who God is to me. A reminder of what I want to be, and how I want to reflect Him to the world around me.
  • Thank You, by 33 Miles ... I often wake up in a great mood. It's just that the greatness of that mood doesn't last long. I'm not really a morning person, I like to have several minutes just in quiet with Jesus in the morning, but that rarely happens since my poor daughter has had to spend the whole night in her bed alone, and is desperate for companionship first thing in the morning. But I love this song because in the morning it reminds me that I've been fertile enough to give birth, and fortunate enough to still have her with me. It reminds me throughout the day that the leaky kitchen sink is in an apartment some people can't afford, and that "check engine" light is in a car that is miraculously still running.

So my prayer lately is simple ... "Change me Lord, make me Yours. Take all the things in my life that are above You, and remove them. Lead my focus back to You, lead me back to You. Shine Your light through me, that I might bring peace to those around me. And above all, my Heavenly Father ... Thank you."