Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

So I've got a tiny one in the house and yes, she's a talker. Here's what she said this week:


Radio: "Jesus Messiah, name above all names, blessed redeemer, Emmanuel ..."
Teenybop: "What's a manuel?"
Mom: "Emmanuel? It's like a nickname for Jesus."
Teenybop: "Oh, like Teeny is a nickname for Teenybop?"
Mom: "Yep. Did you know that Jesus is the son of God? That means God is His Daddy."
Teenybop: "I know. We talked about that in church."
Mom: "What else did you talk about on Sunday?"
Teenybop: "We talked about the waters, and we got to pretend to be the people that got to go in and not have the waves come on top."
Mom: "You mean you were the Isrealites?"
Teenybop: "Yeah."
Mom: "That's cool that God could do that to the water huh? What if you could do that, like in the bathtub? You can't can you?"
Teenybop: "No, but if I had special powers and got to be a Supergirl, I would have not-die powers so I could always live."
Mom: "You'd be immortal?"
Teenybop: "No, I just wouldn't die."
Mom: "Oh. Well that's what immortal means. It means someone who doesn't die. But we are all mortal people. We grow old and then we die, and that's when it's our turn to go live with Jesus."

And let me tell you, she must think I'm a dinosaur because then she had a total meltdown in the car and all she would say was, "I don't want you to die yet and live with Jesus! I want you to stay here and live with me!!"


One day we were playing with Teenybop's little pretend dishes, and she brought me some fruit to "eat" telling me first that I had to wait till she could go back and get her own so that we could "eat" together, and then that I had to wait until she got me a spoon so that I wouldn't eat with my hands. She said she didn't want me to get fruity. Not that there's any danger of this mommy getting fruity in any way ...

And she says: "We are having a tea party and we have to have the pretty cups."

Mom: "And we can have a real tea party with your pretend dishes one day. With real tea in your teapot and real cookies for the plates."

Teenybop: "And chips. We are having cookies and chips."

Mom: "Um, okay. Cookies and chips?" (I'm thinking this is a very interesting taste combination.)

Teenybop, completely out of the blue, said: "And we have to get the perfect leaf." (HUH? Leaf?)
So I said:
"What perfect leaf? Why do we need a leaf?"
Teenybop: "You know, the perfect golden leaf for our tea ... and then it is like lemonade."


And the really funny thing is that the tiny one isn't the only one funny to me this week. Fiance and I were talking about some pictures of his dad that his sister's mom emailed us ... and he's looking a little bit aged. A little gray, a little ... softer ... and his hairline is totally going to surrender the war soon. So since Fiance is like a younger twin to his father, I snickered a little and said, "Hehe, haha ... you're gonna get bald."

And without skipping a beat, he goes, "Nope. I'm gonna get plugs."

It could only have been funnier if he'd said it as a five year old.