Friday, October 10, 2008

Checkin' In

I've no time to write for real these days, so here's a little tidbit ... just a taste of what my life has been like lately.

Between waking up at five to deal with a demanding infant and an excited/tired four year old, then having "only" the crying baby all morning until Teenybop comes back home from school at noon, getting rid of the baby around three, rushing to clean up and cook dinner and clean up again before 4 so that Fiance can be fed and out the door by five, I've had NO ENERGY lately.

And when there is energy there's no time for myself, even for a decent shower. I'm lucky to have enough time and energy at the same time to get in there and score a four-point shower (you know, washing just the hair, pits, t & a) before I collapse, let alone time and energy to shave or do anything "luxurious".

But lately I've noticed that when I do get to take a shower, my drain in the tub isn't working very well. I've also noticed that I have to wash my hair more often since it's been INSANELY oily (yep, skin too) so far during this pregnancy. So this leads to me shedding more hair lately. And since my hair goes to the middle of my back which means there's a good foot of hair hanging around, shedding is no small issue.

Because of this shedding, my tub went on strike and refused to dispose of my shower water in any sort of timely manner. So tonight before I took a shower, I dug out an old pair of ragged tweezers that don't pluck eyebrow hairs anymore, and then I stuck 'em in the drain so I could reach to clean it out ...

and I pulled a wookie out of the drain! No kidding, a real WOOKIE. It was horrible. It was angry. It was gross and made my pregnancy hormones swell up and then I almost barfed.

But hey, at least I'm clean.