Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Someday soon I will have two little talkers in my apartment to report on: Mutilated words and phrases are back on my horizon. I will still get the funnies from Teenybop's somewhat twisted view of the world, plus the additional hilarity of the new baby as she learns to speak and understand the world on her own. In the meantime, here's what Teenybop's saying:

Last week I was reading my Bible at the kitchen table and that means that of course Teenybop was trying valiantly to be cute and funny so that she could pull my attention away from my reading. And as she slapped both hands on both sides of her butt, she said, "Look mom! I have two bottoms!" Then she turned around with a butt cheek still in each hand and shook her "two bottoms" at me.

I was hysterical of course, and later when she was trying to get me to move out of her way in the hallway of our apartment, she was slapping my butt, rythmically chanting, "Excuse me..." And I said, "Hey, quit slapping my two bottoms!" She replied very seriously, "Mother, there are NOT two bottoms. My teacher said there are two parts of the same bottom. Can I get through here?"

Trying to choose a movie to watch after school one day, Teenybop had settled on watching the Little Mermaid. She was recounting the part of the movie where the prince has gone overboard and Ariel had to drag him back to the beach and sing to him. So she's telling me that he was dead and that the mermaid brought the prince back to life, and I reminded her that people cannot come back to life once they are dead. We talked about how the prince had not fully drowned, only mostly, and she said, "Well then he should have had his swimmies on so he wouldn't go under the water when he couldn't swim. Then he wouldn't be drown-ding."