Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gratitude, Part Two

My last post was about the concept of a wall of gratitude ... and my last post was somewhat unfinished. In that post I talked a little about certain people that I am so grateful for, starting with God, who has been a strong force in my life, guiding me always. I talked about my daughter, Teenybop, and all that she has taught me in the five years that I have struggled to raise and teach her. I talked about my father, and all the ways he has taught me to be who I am.

In the time since that post, my life has changed immeasurably, but my thoughts on this concept are still the same. So I give you part two of my wall of gratitude, starting with number four, who is:

4.) My second angel on loan, Piglet, who is incredibly precious. She was my second c-section, so I'm still healing and dealing with all the changes in my body, dealing with the surgical site, but rejoicing in returning to my own body. But that's another post. Piglet is already so different from the way I remember Teenybop being ... she's already coming into her own personality: smiling, already able to lift her head up and hold it for several seconds, even chuckling often in her sleep. She has already earned herself a list of nicknames, she already has preferences for and against certain things, and is sure to be another source of lessons in my life, while forever changing the landscape of my heart. I have already hurt for her, cried for her, prayed for her, smiled over her, laughed at her, and held her with such joy I could hardly contain myself. I am anxious to see what she will bring to our family dynamic, and anxious to see what she will be like as she grows into a little girl, a young woman, and beyond ...

5.) And the last in this particular bit, though certainly not the least important or least effective, Jessica. Through my friendship with her, I've learned so much about compassion, empathy, friendship, and family. I've learned about God, I've learned about life, and I've learned about love. We met as children, and I hardly remember a time while we knew each other that we weren't friends ... For years we were out of touch with each other, we missed each others marriages, the births of each others children, and we were unable to truly support each other for a long time. I don't know how often she thought of me in those years, but I thought of her often, wondering what she was up to, praying that all was well for her, and I never stopped missing the friendship I had shared with her when we were kids. Now that we are adults, we've been able to hear each other out on so many things, to advise each other in matters dealing with every aspect of our lives, and she is one of the people I always think of in moments of joy, times of crisis, and just here and there throughout my daily life. I will always remember the ways she has been there for me in our lives, the advise she has given that paid off, and the times she has simply been there for me to lean on. In her I learned a lot about who I wanted to be, and she is an amazing woman that I feel fortunate to know.

And now, Piglet is waking up, demanding attention in her cute little way, so this post is cut short the way I suspect many future posts will be ...