Saturday, July 4, 2009

Piglet - An Introduction

Born at 7:59am by cesarean section on May 19, 2009, Piglet weighed in at 9 pounds, 6 ounces, 20 inches long. Covered in soft blond fuzz, with shy eyes no one was allowed to see, she sported quite the "little" birthmark, a salmon patch on her forehead between her eyes, and little salmon patch freckles on her nose.

These days, she's a little over 11 pounds, and 21.75 inches long, with a still-fading salmon patch, fuzz that is lessening, and a head full of dark brown hair. Her eyes are no longer shy, and they are a beautiful blue that is so deep and dark that it seems to approach purple at times ...

She has outgrown her first nickname, "Pumpkin Squash" which was given to her because of her jaundice, and she is still living up to "Piglet" these days. It's really cute; when she cries she screws up her face, says "wah" and then snorts a few times, then starts over and repeats this process until someone meets the needs on her list. Too cute ... and she snorts while she roots around for the breast as well. Very endearing. And cute. Completely precious.

As of this day, she loves to hold my hand, she sleeps so very sweetly with a very soft snore (due to congestion from her reflux), and is beginning to reward my efforts with little baby smiles that are silent but nonetheless quite cheerful.

And as time goes on, I worry less and less about not loving this baby the same, about not having "room" for her, about feeling awkward with her. As the days pass, it is like she has always been here, she has always been my little one to hold and love and adore ... And I do. I hold her constantly, partly because she will settle for nothing less than her mommy's soft cuddly body, and partly because she is the last one I will ever have unless I adopt someday. I want to enjoy her babyhood, as challenging as it has been thus far. So I hold her, and I love her with all my heart just as I love Teenybop. And I adore her. I adore her little fat arms and legs, her cheeks which sag a little because they are just so fat, her tiny little bottom, her little feet, and stubby, fat little fists.

She has the same shape to her face as Fiance, the same shape to her eyes as me. She loves Teenybop second best after mommy, loves to watch her big sister dance and sing. And Teenybop loves her too, loves to show off for her little Piglet sister, loves to kiss her and hold her little hands. Loves to bring pacifiers, deliver clean diapers to mommy and dirty ones to the trash. She is an amazing big sister, I feel that I could not have chosen a better one.

And now you are introduced to our newest addition, our little Pumpkin Squash Piglet, so beautiful and precious and well-loved.