Friday, March 19, 2010

Nickelodeon Live

Wednesday night we packed our girls up even though we knew it was going to be a late night and a school night simultaneously. We trusted that our now ten-month-old would have a great time and not freak out crying. We trusted that our ADHD six-year-old would have a great time and not act out because the show started at her usual bedtime.We trusted that her new afternoon booster medication would help her keep herself under control, and that it would be a fun night for our family to enjoy. And we were right!

We arrived at the parking garage about fifteen minutes before the show was due to start which gave us time to unload and give a strong warning have a peaceful chat with Teenybop about the fact that those tickets weren't exactly the cheapest and so we weren't planning to purchase souvenirs or snacks inside. She shocked us by peacefully complying and we walked together the block or two to the theatre.

WOW!! The show was held at the Tennessee Theatre, a historical building that our family has always lived very close to but never seen. I'd love to post some pictures but I didn't remember to bring my camera and can't seem to find any good ones no matter how much I google. But inside ... That place is astonishing in it's historical beauty! The colors are unbelievable, the old-time feel was amazing ... I felt like orphan Annie walking into a theatre for the first time with Daddy Warbucks, my mouth hanging at the sight of the huge and lovely chandeliers, the textured walls, the elegant staircases. It is a beautiful theatre ... I have less than no interest in opera, but I suddenly felt the need to put on an elegant gown (which I do not possess, of course) and go to that wonderful place with some strong and well-dressed gentleman (which I also do not possess, since Fiance is rather ... casual) to sit quietly and find out that it's really not over till the fat lady sings.

But enough of that, because there wasn't going to be any fat lady at that particular show ... Instead we saw Kai-Lan, The Backyardigans, the WonderPets, and Dora the Explorer. Teenybop loved the theatre, loved the layout, the colors, the elegance, loved finding out that since she did so well when we told her we weren't buying food we were in fact going to buy her some cotton candy ... but she really loved seeing Kai-Lan and being able to shout and dance in such a place, a place that she instinctively knew would require children to be very quiet and well-behaved. It was great to see Teenybop struggle to contain her excitement, it was awesome to see Piglet's face light up and her little teeth show in her smile when she heard the intro to The Backyardigans, her favorite show. Teenybop enjoyed the WonderPets while Piglet fell asleep and then came Dora. I struggled to keep rocking Piglet and help her maintain her sleep while all the excited children around us (including Teenybop) shouted "Backpack" and other Dora things.

All in all, it was a great show and our family had an awesome time. It was more than worth the money, more than worth keeping the kids out till almost ten on a school night ... more than worth the hassle of hauling the heavy diaper bag, the heavy baby, struggling to keep my bronchitis cough to a minimum ... it was just a great night. Someday, I will take them to something like that again. I don't know when, but it will be someday, and surely they will enjoy themselves as thoroughly as they did this time, perhaps even more.