Saturday, April 3, 2010

On The Hunt

Today we took the girls Eater Egg hunting. We went to one place that was supposed to really rock ... they called it the Great Egg Drop or something like that, and the plan was to drop the eggs for the children to hunt from a helicopter that would fly above the field. It was a wreck. The concept was great though ... I hope they try again next year. Except that I hope they plan better, I hope they allot more space for the kids to hunt in, and I hope they are smart enough to drop the eggs from a higher altitude and spread them out better instead of hovering in one part of the field and dropping everything in one big pile. There was a little child stampede and Teenybop was run over a time or two, pushed around enough to be upset, and out of all those eggs she only got two. The experience was pretty much ruined for her.

So what did we do? We took the girls to another hunt. This one was really great, it was at a small church and there was lots of space. Tons of eggs, and even some that were cute enough to keep. Teenybop got lots of candy, and she won a new Princess Puzzle! It was really fun, no rush, no stampede, no tears. Both kids got their faces painted (Teenybop got a flower she wanted to keep wearing for church tomorrow and Piglet got a heart that lasted about ten minutes), and Teenybop got to play in the bounce houses while Piglet snacked on animal crackers. It was a really fun time, and we saved the really cute eggs for our own collection because we do an egg hunt on Easter morning instead of spending money we don't really have on a basket that hardly has anything in it. Doing our own hunt drags out the fun and we get a way bigger return for our bucks.

All in all ... a good day. A good memory. And the baby's first Easter is off to a great start ... except that I think she has another ear infection. We will be seeing the doctor tomorrow.