Friday, July 23, 2010


I'm not even sure where to start in updating ... Lately I've been writing a lot. I've wanted to write since I was a little girl, and I have tons of poems and half-written novels all over the place. But now? Now I'm going to write.

A few weeks ago I was talking with a really great friend of mine, J, who was formerly known here as "BigOne" through a big problem I was having in my life. J said that I should get back to writing, as it would really help with some of my biggest problems in ways that I only wish I could post here. He says, "You're good, I've seen some of your work and you should really get moving on this."

So ... I am. I am putting together a book proposal these days which is part of why I haven't been blogging as much ... I've been working. In order to get the proposal together, I have to have an estimated word count for the book. I wouldn't have that without banging out some real writing, and then averaging the word counts for several chapters, and using that to figure out my word count. Problem is, I have NO IDEA how many chapters there will be, or what all will be in them.

My brain is working overtime, as is my spirit. I am tired. All. The. Time.

Other than that, things are normal for me and my clan. Piglet is business as usual, growing like a weed and we are still really happy that we decided to go ahead with the ear tube surgery. She is now walking and crawling, chattering and screeching all day long. Teenybop will start first grade soon, and life is moving along. We miss our soldier, and Private Ryan calls when he can. We have all fallen in love with Skype, even Piglet, and we have our fingers crossed that Private Ryan's training will begin again soon. Having your training put on hold really really sucks.

But as mentioned, all is well ... just ... busy.