Saturday, October 16, 2010


Lately a lot has changed in my life. Things feel different for me here, and I feel less able to be completely honest on this blog because of certain people who know where it is and might be reading, and because there are just something you can't say in a public forum like this. So I've been thinkig about how to deal with that for a while now and there are a few options.

One, I could spell it all out here and just say to hell with the consequences. Two, I can keep this blog going out of a desire to "finish" what I started, and hate the fact that it isn't completely real because I am always having to be "careful" what I say. Or three, I can stop posting here and start a new blog that reflects who I am after this recent period of change. It will be a place that is inherently mine, and because of the certain people who know where this blog is, I will not link to the new blog here.

However, if you have been reading here for any period of time and would like to come visit the new place and look around, please be sure to email me at the address on me profile and ask for a link to the new place.

*Now, I will sadly take one last sentimental look at this place that I have loved for so long, and there will be the sound of skin in my imagination, the scrape of a hand across the last page of a book that means something to its reader ... And finally the quiet swish of pages as another chapter is finished and closed.*