Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Martha Stewart in the Making

A few weeks ago, someone mentioned to me a site that it really great for helping you to fund an efficient and yet VERY CHEAP kitchen. They said it had little recipes and meal plans and things like that. So on the hunt for something new and great, I checked it out ... http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/.

No joke.

I'm definitely not in the qualifiers for "hillbilly" status ... but I thought, "Hey if I can find something new for my family that's tasty and affordable to make, then what's to lose?"

I found something.

I found a page about homemade bread, how to do it, and stuff like that. So I thought, "Hey that would be cool, to make my own bread (for a minute at least)!" So today I bought the stuff, I mixed and got gooey and then kneaded till my arm was screaming. Then I let it rise (very impatiently) and then punched it around for a bit. Then I let it rise again, but only a little. At this very moment, my first effort in the world of honest baking is in the oven ... and who knows what will happen?

The recipe makes four loaves of bread, and I shaped two of them regularly in bread-pans. The others? One I made a baguette with and it's on a cookie sheet, and another is going to be a bread-round, made in a pie pan. I thought I'd try different sizes, shapes, see what works best. Now I can only wait and see.

Nervous ... But I'm cutting into one of them tonight. I'll let you know how it goes ...