Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why Not Me???

Why not me? I find myself totally immersed lately in "fatblogs" ... Dietgirl, FatBlogger, Smaller Sue ...

And with the exception of FatBlogger, they succeed. Granted, I have no clue where FB and Sue are right now in their lives and plans, since I won't read a blog unless I have also read the archives. For FB, I am in December 2006, and there is no success. He makes great plans, he waxes philosophical, but he continues to leave out the important stuff ... the part where you actually do the plan. And Sue? Success, and with a fairly quick start. DietGirl? Success, and with a fairly quick start.

Me? Not so much.

The spring of '06 is when I started Sparkpeople. It's a great site, with a great realistic plan for a life change, not a cheap diet (or an expensive one), and it's got great tracking tools for everything from food consumption to exercise to weight and body measurements. There's also message boards, and I LOVE them. The people there all seem to be a great lot. Wonderful, supportive people, from the one there to lose 200 pounds right on down to the one trying to lose 2 pounds. I love it there.

The problem? I haven't lost anything. When I started there, I weighed in at 225. Today I did my weigh-in, and I weigh 223 pounds, with a fat percentage of 45.5%. Why am I going nowhere?!

For a year (with the exception of Fiance's Mom's House) I've been eating within my calorie range, and being honest about my workouts, or lack thereof. I have always adjusted my calories to reflect my workout habits, whether I'm raising them to accommodate more work, or dropping them to accommodate none. But the weight isn't coming off.

Why is it that I've got these inspiring blogs to read, people who are steadily losing, and basically all they've done is start to work out, and limit their food. I'm doing that too, dammit! Why am I not losing!!!