Monday, April 16, 2007


Finally got myself somewhat on track. I woke up today ready to go, ready to work out. Teenybop and I got up, and the first thing I did was check my sparkpage workout plan to see if there was cardio scheduled today.

There was.

But cardio is a big challenge for me, because I got a cut on my heel yesterday when I stepped on a piece of glass, so that puts too much weight-bearing stuff out the window. I am not able to stand on the heel, and don't want to injure myself by working out while standing "weird" to avoid the heel. So that put Walk Away The Pounds and DDR out the window.

But I can do Pilates, and I might give it a shot, though I am terrified of the disappointment I know I'm going to feel. I first bought this workout CD before I even had Teenybop in '04. I could hardly even finish the workout!! For an unfit body, Pilates is a real challenge. But finally, after working at it off an on, I was able to do half of the workout by the time I left Loser-Ex, Teenybops's biological father.

A year after that, I could FINALLY do the entire 45 minutes. Oh, god, I will never forget how good it felt. And I know that my body was working hard that year, because I was eating Ben & Jerry's by the pint several times a week, and doing what I could of the Pilates about three to five times a week. Remember, I couldn't even do it all.

But in that year, I still managed to lose five pounds. Not much, I know. Five pounds is nothing, especially when you are as heavy as I am. But it's a lot to lose in spite of eating approximately 208 pints of ice cream, by yourself, IN ONE YEAR! That's about four pints a week.

So maybe I'll give it a shot tonight. It's a floor routine, so even though I'll be crap at it, it's worth a shot for the long run, and it'll keep me working out while I can't be on my foot. So ...