Sunday, April 29, 2007


Last week, I started my workouts with a round of DDR, on the workout mode so that it would time me and count my calories burned. Well, I did three workout rounds, which is about 21 songs ... thirty mintues. Once I was done, my right calf was on fire, and my right ankle was sore for the rest of the day and some of the next day.

Today? I started my workout week with DDR again, and I did the same thing basically, thirty minutes, 21 songs. But I varied the songs a little this week. It was still super hard, and I sweated more this time than last time, but I didn't have as much pain afterward so that's cool. The bum ankle doesn't seem to mind the workout today, so I might try it again tomorrow. It's the only workout that I will do in front of Fiance without being paranoid about things bouncing that shouldn't be, and it really is a fun way to get moving, so who knows? Then again, I will have to see how it feels in the morning ...

Honestly? I'd love to go do a little something right now ... but I am afraid to. My ankle would protest any more stress today and then I wouldn't be able to work out tomorrow at all for the pain. But I could do pilates ... then again, my lower abs were protesting today from the little that I did yesterday. Worth a shot though ... I don't want to get back into the habit of ignoring the urge to be active ... If I'd just follow it when it comes, I'm sure this weight would come off more willingly. Just if I could do what my body wants me to do ... Test myself.