Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned ...

I'm not Catholic, but I have committed the sin of self-pride. And I have also committed another sin which I suspect might be an even greater grievance. The sin of ... enjoying thoroughly the sin of self-pride, LOL.

Today I beat myself, again. I played the heck out of some DDR, played for a whole hour!

This was my workout: workout 1, workout 2, workout 3, workout 2, workout 2, workout 1. And let me tell you this ... I am NOT ready for workout three yet. It's not really that it's too hard, but it's really fast, and I just don't move like that, LOL. By the time I got my feet where they should be and my big ass caught up, I was way off again and had to take a second just to watch the steps and try to get back in the game.

But I was proud of myself big time, because even with the workout 3 mostly consisting of ten minutes of my standing there laughing at myself, The entirety of the workout was 60 minutes ... 20 minutes more than my best ever. Yeah!!!

And at the time, I could have done some more. I could have gone several more rounds and done fine. But I'm glad that I didn't, because my ankle is really angry with me for pushing so hard. It's not really bad, it didn't swell or give out, and it's not all weak and trembly, but I'm sure I'll be eating Ibuprofen for a few days and sticking to the floor-Pilates routine.

Maybe the ankle is something else I'll bring up at the doc appointment tomorrow. See if there are some exercises I can do on my own, something along the lines of physical therapy ... maybe something that will strengthen the ankle and the surrounding area so that I can push it more without paying for it. Hmmm.