Thursday, May 3, 2007

Busy Days

The past few days have been a sort of whirlwind of stuff to do. I feel so ready for a rest time, and it doesn't seem as if there is one on the horizon ...

Tuesday was Teenybop's first dentist appointment, which went well, but since Mapquest is retarded, I got turned around on the way home and spent an extra hour trying to get back to our house. Finally got home ... in time to clean house and be mom all day. Anyone out there who thinks this job is just the simplest little thing ever is a complete ass.

Then yesterday brought us to the date of preschool enrollment. That was actually kind of fun, Teenybop is really looking forward to it, and she was really excited to be there. She actually cried in the car as we drove away from the school once the registration was over. Poor kid. But the registration process led to me freaking out needlessly because they want a paper from Teenybop's doctor stating that she is up-to-date on physicals and shots and such. Well, I forgot that she had already her physical this year. Moron.

So instead of simply being able to go pick up the paper for the school, my dumb butt called the doctor, made an appointment for today, and we went. At which point they weighed her, measured her height, administered the hearing and sight exams ... and said, "So, why are you here today? According to your chart, you came in for a physical after Teenybop's birthday months ago."

I wanted to fall through the floor, but that just would have been the ultimate humiliation for the fat mommy today. Can't remember anything ... and so enormous that the floor itself cannot stand the weight. Alas, it didn't happen and I am once again not only forgetful, but slightly over-dramatic.

Then there was supposed to be a playdate today, but it got canceled because my pal and I both had some illness in our homes this week, and didn't want to trade germs between kids. I still have some minor unpacking to do, some knick-knacks to place, and some major cleaning to do ... my grandmother and little brother will be here in ...

22 Days!!

No wonder I'm tired, I have to spend all my time growing stuff to outrageous proportions in my head ...