Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Scale Frustration, And Possibly Death By Default

My scale at home is on the fritz, I guess. For one, it isn't moving anymore. Again. I had more than a week of nothing, and then a loss, and now nothing again ... My overall loss right now in the race with Jessica is 7 pounds.

But yesterday I was at the doctor, where the scale there weighed me to be 1.5 pounds higher (which is okay since at that time I was dressed, and your body is heavier later in the day). This wasn't a big deal, but here's the really weird thing ...

MY scale has listed and overall loss of 7 pounds.

MY DOCTOR's scale has listed an overall loss of 9.5 pounds. Odd.

And sucky. Because I can't drive an hour away every morning to weigh myself (I have a really good doctor there), so I don't have any choice but to go by the scale that I have. Even though there is a good chance that it is inaccurate. Grrrrr.

So what do I do now? Keep using it ... or face the prospect of having to buy another? This scale is one of those 40 dollar ones, the ones that measure not only your weight, but your body-fat and water percentages. But now that I don't know if it's right?

And the sucky thing is, it might be my fault, and at the same time it is something that I can't help. My scale gets moved twice a day. When I got it, I read all the directions to see how it works, and what it does is it sends an electrical wave through your body (it doesn't hurt, you don't feel it) that bounces off of everything in there and somehow turns that into measurements. I also read all the warnings and such, which state that you should not let children stand there long enough to be hit with the electric current (it weighs first, then does the other stuff after a loud beep). Further, it warns not to let people with heart problems use it.

So I have to keep my scale put up ... because my child has a heart defect, and I let her use it sometimes to weigh herself, but I am afraid that if she stands there too long, the scale will do the electrical thing to measure her fat percentage, and it could hurt her. But I think all the moving is killing my scale. *sigh* I have to keep it put up to keep my daughter off of it, and there is no place in our house where I could leave it down where she could not get to it, because she has full run of the house.

But that makes it hard for me, both with simply weighing/doubting that scale, and with the race I am in with my friend. How can this be an accurate race if I continue the way I have been? According to my scale, I have lost 7 pounds in two weeks, if I keep that up, it will be 14 in another two weeks. But according to my doctor's scale, I've lost 9.5 in two weeks. When I go again in two more weeks, if I've done the same weight loss, it would be 19 pounds. Almost to the mark. I'd be so close that going to bathroom might give me the win, LOL ...

And I'd never know it, according to my scale at home. For all I know, it is completely whacked. Because it's not just like a difference in scales ... where the scale at home says 216 but the scale at the doctor says 217.5. It's not just that though, it's the fact that there's a loss difference which means what? My scale is temperamental? It weighs inaccurately, and only when it wants to? What kind of crap is that?

Fiance says I should just ditch the digital fancy scale and go buy a dial ... but I like knowing my fat percentage. I like being able to keep up with my water percentage. And I like it that my scale weighs by the half-pound. I liked it that I thought it was accurate, and that the results it said I had or didn't have were correct. And now? I don't know, but it can't be well for the race, because even with a recent ankle injury Jessica's whipping me.

And that just drives me nuts. Because mostly we are doing the same things. She eats maybe a hundred more calories than me a day, if any at all. She walks to work out, with some strength training in there here and there. And she takes a caffeine/energy pill to get her going. Simple right? Now here's why I'm going nuts.

Like I said, we eat about the same, so there's not much comparison in that, except maybe the actual food we eat, but I don't eat anything that's unhealthy, and I'm not sure she does either, except that we both will give in to the occasional fast-food burger and fries. Like I said, no comparison here. But working out? With Jessica's heart trouble, she can't do a lot of really hard workouts, it could really hurt her ... but I can. And I am. I have built myself up to the point where I can play DDR for hours at a time, with constant motion, no breaks. I do "Walk Away The Pounds" videos, and the one that I do is equal in cardio benefits to walking a 15 minute mile. I have almost gotten my legs to the point where they can handle doing it daily, but I'm not sure yet. I'll have to check. But I also do Pilates, Yoga, regular stretching, and a little strength training.

Why am I getting nowhere?! Grrrrrrr.

But at least I have a scape-goat now ... the stupid asshole scale that doesn't know if it wants to weigh or not.