Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tasty Lunch for a Dieter

Today I made up something, just threw it together for lunch because I was hungry and I know that I've been eating too many carbs. Not really that much too many, but still. It's better to be a little low than a little high. So since the big things I monitor are carbs, fats, and protien, I don't want my fat to be too high either, LOL ...

So I thought, "Why not try harder to get more protien?"

So this is what I did for lunch.

I opened a can of tuna (in water), drained it, and put half of it in a covered bowl in the fridge for tomorrow. The rest? I forked it to separate it, then put it all in the milddle of a saucer, like a little tuna-patty, only it wasn't cooked. Then I sprinkled some salt on it, a little paprika, and a bit of pepper, and left it waiting while I quickly steamed about 100 ounces of frozen broccoli. Once it was done, I added a quarter ounce of Velveeta Cheese, and covered it so the heat would melt the cheese. Then I took the broccoli and put it around the tuna, all the way around the little saucer I was serving on, and I saved as much of the cheese as I could in the bottom of the pan. I drizzled the extra cheese over the tuna, just to make it pretty because I didn't really care at that point if it was good or not, since I was just eating to stop being hungry ...

And it was good!!

So I ate it, and stayed full!!!

And it really was good!!!!

And something else ... putting it on a smaller plate really helped too, because I could use less food and still make it pretty.

Here are the stat's on my meal, if you measure it all out. Calories? 130. Carbs? 7. Fats? 3. Protein? 21.

Makes for a filling lunch, tasty, and pretty. For me? That's what makes a meal.

Today's calorie estimate, including the dinner I am about to make? 662 calories, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack, all of which were tasty and filling. My body may be nearly starving, but I have found great ways to hide that little fact from my stomach ... Now if I can just get this pill to keep working ...