Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, life had finally settled down, and for the past month or so, we got to just enjoy living in our own place again, getting settled in, starting our own routine again.

But now? Well, life is heating up again for another round, and there's so much going on ...

My grandmother had surgery yesterday to clear some blockage in her carotid artery. They slit her throat, cut the artery, scraped it out, and placed a stent to help support the artery as it heals. Big stuff for a woman who's 74 years old.

My other grandmother will be flying up from FL in less than three weeks, and I'm freaking out. This has the potential to be a very bad occasion, or a very good one, depending on her mood. Like most of my family, she is slightly ... um ... two-faced ... and her shit list changes about every thirty minutes. Let's see if I can stay off it this time ...

Beyond that, there's the new medication which I'm still (1) trying to get used to, and (2) trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to be able to afford to keep buying it.

Add on an energetic three-year-old ...

And then, just for good measure, tack on my period ... and you've got the makings of a very bad BAD day. Complete with emotional breakdown (but I didn't go food crazy, so that's good).

I'm beat.