Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yeah Baby - That's the Ticket

This morning I just worked out. Without pressure. And it was because I wanted to do it, not because I wanted to see the scale in a good mood tomorrow morning. I'm still planning to skip it, just give myself a break on the pressure and see what happens.

Man, right now my body is singing. And since I'd started getting bored with my walk-aerobics (I need a harder workout, I'd like to find a two-mile one instead of one mile), I told myself that since what I really wanted to do for my workout was the kickboxing thing I found yesterday, I could do it ... but only if I got up and did the walking first. And really, it works nicely that way, because the walking kind of ignores the upper body.

I mean, there are some arm motions and exaggerated waving worked in there, but nothing really good for the upper body or the core. The kickboxing thing that I found is only a ten minute upper body workout, so that worked out well, because I got total body today, and burned 258 calories in 25 minutes. YEAH!!!

Actually, I'm itching to go out there and do the kickboxing thing again, I really love it, but my shoulders will be doing more than singing if I don't let them rest and recover from a workout that may be fun but is still a totally new type of workout for me.

If I really get desperate later on today for some more action/activity, I'll pop in my pilates workout CD. Haven't done that in a while ...