Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Stinking Updates

Okay, here's the lowdown:

The Weight Loss Race Is Over ... Jessica whipped the heck out of me. In fact, she took the fat she was burning and beat me over the head with it, LOL ... And while it hurt (a little), I'm incredibly proud of her for the loss that she achieved. I can't wait to see her reach her goals, can't wait to be her cheerleader as she walks the road to fitness. Perhaps one of these days my life will step up and get back on track, then once again I will walk with her.

Teenybop ... Lately I am at the edge of my patience, today was the first even remotely good day in almost a week ... terrible two's? Oh no, don't even get me started on what happens when your "little angel" turns three - and they say there is more to come. It's a good thing GOD made children so cute and cuddly on the good days, you know? So that we as their parents wouldn't kill them on the bad days!! (But to all you out there who are looking for a psycho to make trouble for? I am not your girl, I love my daughter, but like all moms I get frustrated. This is not a crazy lady about to smother her kid while it sleeps ... merely a mother in a tight spot that's still learning that thing called patience.)

Fiance and I ... Are no longer Fiance-and-I. At some point, perhaps we will be Fiance-and-I again ... but for now? We are Boyfriend-and-I. We might come through this latest challenge, and yet we might not. We love each other ... it's there, and I can feel it. I can see it also, now that he's realizing what he's losing. But things like this can be very hard, and any good relationship that lasts is about discipline and consistency as much as it is about love, isn't it?