Sunday, July 8, 2007

Found A Treasure, but Still Haven't Been Able to Drop This Anchor ...

I've lost a few more measly little pounds, but enough about that. You know, I found the greatest blog the other day. Just kinda stumbled upon it. Or more like, GOD and I were walking along, and I was just going where He went. Not consciously following, really, but well ... just there. And then as He was walking, He must have thought to Himself, "Hey, I know how I can get her attention!"

So as we walked along, He kept bringing my old church into my mind. My "home" church, the one I was really finally saved in. The one where I spent a whole weekend of evenings in tears, just as recently as Easter of 2005. So here I am, tripping along behind Him just because I know that's where I ought to be, and He keeps reminding me of this church, gets me curious, you know? And because I'd been really missing the place for months (just haven't been able to get out there, and gas prices are SO NOT helpful, LOL), I went to the church website. And that's when it happened. That's when I "not-so-stumbled" upon this great new blog.

(But what really happened is that GOD led me to it, and then tripped me flat on my face when I was right there, knowing that I'd fall on it. He's a great planner ...)

It's a blog that my pastor is keeping ... Pastor Paul's Blog, and I have found it to be so relaxing to be able to chill here and "discuss" things with him. He's bright, he intelligent, he's an amazing pastor. His wife is astonishing, she's a great leader for the women of the church, they are a family that sets the classic example.

I miss my church ...