Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I checked my old pastor's blog today, I have several that I read on a regular basis, but his is one that I so look forward to reading. You know, to sit and talk with him, he's just a regular guy, just like all the rest of us, trying to make it through life, you know? But his faith is so amazing, and his words so inspiring. I'm glad he blogs now, since I miss out a bit on my church ... but his blog is a great connection for him to have, and an awesome way for him to extend his ministry.

Some of his posts are mostly pretty regular, pretty day-to-day ... but then he'll go and post something like this, just at the right time, and I stumble along it. Then I find myself in thought, you know? As his words sink in, I sometimes feel as if my soul quiets a bit, my mind finally stops running full speed ... and then sometimes ... in the back of my mind ... I am still. And I can hear if I listen closely, my God, and he tells me to think, to remember, to love, to give, and to appreciate.

Oh yeah ... and he sometimes reminds me of you, Jess. Check out the link ...