Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All About You!


Full Name:Brandi (and that's all you're getting, LOL)
Birthdate:February 17, 1984
Birthplace:Central Florida, USA
Current Location:Knoxville, TN, USA
Relationship Status:In a Relationship
Heritage:There's a dog pound of Native American tribes, some Italian, Irish (I think), and some other stuff.
Religion:Christian, and Proud of it.
Employment:I'm a stay-home mom.
Tatoos:Shhhh, it's a secret!
Piercings:My ears, my tongue, and my belly button at one time but had to take it out when I got pregnant.
Shoe Size:My sandals are a size five, I think ...
Height:5 Foot, 2 Inches


Food:Meatloaf (but only if it doesn't have a nasty bunch of stuff in it. Meatloaf was meant to be simple: meat, egg, cracker, ketchup, salt, pepper, THAT'S IT!)
Color:Blue or Green
Holiday:I don't have one anymore.
Pop:I don't like any, really, but I drink Coke sometimes...
Song:"Home," by Chris Daughtry
TV Show:Army Wives
Ice Cream:.Edy's Homestyle Vanilla
Restaurant:Olive Garden, or Wasabi
Smell:Febreeze, LOL. I think I'm addicted...
Place:The shower. It's where I go to pray, to unwind, to clean (or course) ... or to cry.
Sports Teams:I don't really have one anymore. I just like to watch the games.
Hangout Spot:My house.
Store:The nearest bookstore ...
Singer:Today? It's Daughtry.
Music Genre:Oooh, that's tough. I like everything except for today's rock really.
Actor:The first who came to mind is Vin Diesel ... yum.
Actress:Well, it was Angelina, but she's a homewrecker no matter how many kids she adopts. So I don't guess there is one right now.


Food:Onions, asparagus, squash, zucchini ... the list goes on but if I don't stop thinking of them all, I'm gonna gag...
Music:Rock. Who wants to hear a bunch of psychotic stoners standing around screaming obsenities?
Movie:Anything with naked or near naked girls (for crying out loud, get dressed. It's no wonder women are objectified - they do it to themselves), drugs, or violence just for violence's sake.
Smell:If it wrinkles my nose, I don't like it, LOL ...
Singer:Marilyn Manson, and Fergie. When is the world going to catch on that they suck?
Famous Person:Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan, they are terrible role models for today's young girls
TV Show:Anything that can make me think, "I can't believe that made it to TV." Like Venture Brothers, South Park, most of the shows on "adult swim"...
Season:Summer, it's too hot.
Color:White, there's nothing to it but emptiness.

This or That...

Family Guy/South Park:Family Guy
Cartman/Kenny:Neither, the entire show is a tasteless waste of time.
Mountain Dew/Red Bull:Ew, neither.
Movie at Home/Movie in Theater:Movie in Theater
Comedy/Romance/Horror:That depends...
Christmas/End of the School Year:Christmas, it wasn't long enough to get bored, and you'd soon be back in school with your friends.
Tyra Banks/Kate Moss:Tyra Banks
Martha Stewart/Rachel Ray:Hmmm. I like Martha's creative home stuff better, and Rachel's food better, but if I had to hang out with one and actually have to speak to them and tolerate them ... I'm not sure. Because Martha's Martha, and Rachel's perky enough to make me clock her with a pepper grinder.
Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie:Neither, they have no respect for themselves or anyone around them. And just because they are rich doesn't mean they are worth it.
Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Anistan:Jennifer. Duh.
Flowers/Candy:Neither. Flowers die, candy is full of empty calories ... so tell me how either of those really means, "I love you." Uh-uh, I want a sweet letter or card from the heart, something I can keep to look back on.

Love Life...

First Love:Brian P.
Longest Love:Brian P. (it may never be over, the first one always has a place)
Person you love:Boyfriend
Do you believe in the one:I don't know.
Do you believe i love at first sight:No way, Jose.
Do you still talk to your first Love:Yes.
Ever let someone go and regreted it:Yes.
Have you ever cheated on someone:No, but I've come close.
Ever been cheated on:Yep. Who hasn't?
Loved someone and they didn't know:Yeah ... That sucks.

Material Things...

Cellphone:Don't have one, but I wish I did.
Pager/Beeper:Hmmm. I'd like one of those little text pagers. Those are cool.
Computer (Desktop):I have one, but I'd rather have a laptop.
Laptop:Ooooh, now you're talkin'. Portable office for a novelist at work.
Digital Camera:I've got one, but it sucks and I want an SLR.
Game Console:We have a PS2, and are currently "baby-sitting" a friend's Wii. The Wii is SO better, LOL!
Vehicle:Ford Taurus
iPod:Yeah, right. I wish.
Blackberry or Palm:Blackberry, I guess.
How many DVDs:A lot.
How many CDs:A lot of those, too.
Kind of TV:I don't know, it's a TV. What diff?

Last Time...

Last song you heard:Does the WonderPets Theme count?
Last person you talked to:My Daughter.
Last thing you said:"I Love You..."
Last thing you ate:Breakfast, LOL
Last time you cried:This Morning.

Have You Ever...

Have you smoked:Cigarettes? Yes. More? No.
Have you drank:Uh, yeah.
Been stoned:No.
Bungee Jumped:Are you out of your mind?
Been Sky Diving:Yeah, maybe you are out of your mind.
Been in a limo:Yes, my daddy took me and my BFF in one for my sixteenth birthday.
Gone camping:No ... But I want to.
Been to the ER:Yes.
Kicked a guy in the nuts:Yes ...
Been so drunk you don't remember the night before:Once. Apparently I said a lot of stuff that I meant but wouldn't have said sober, and I made someone cry. I'm sorry for that, even though it needed to be said. It most likely didn't need to be said in the way I probably said it.
Puked infront of a crowd:No.
Toilet-papered someone's house:No, I don't think I was ever that immature.
Ever gone to therapy:No, but I've been thinking ... why is that commonly seen as a bad thing? Personally, I wouldn't mind having a therapist.


Bedtime:When I get tired.
Bed Size:Too small.
Collect Anything:Salt and Pepper Shaker sets. And Books, LOL.
If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do:Call everyone I think of all that time and tell them all the things I've always wanted to say.
What do you want on your pizza:Just cheese, please.
Speak anything besides English:Used to speak almost fluent French, but have forgotten most. And there's a little spanish, but it comes with a grudge. I'm all for everyone wanting a better life, but if "Hispanics" want to come to the USA because we're so cool, how come we are slowly becoming Mexico? We are losing a war we don't even admit we're in, and that's just ignorant.
What annoys you the most:Well, at the moment, I think I just told you, LOL.
What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons:I guess I'd ask myself that very question ...
Do you wear Contacts or Glasses:Glasses for reading and computer work, but contacts would be handy. Except that I could never put them in my eye and then walk around all day with something in my eye as if it wasn't there.
Why are you taking this survey:Cuz I wanna.

By the way Jess, Joc, FatBlogger, and Shauna, if you're reading this consider yourself tagged ... So post yours on your blog, I can't wait to see it when I get there!