Thursday, August 2, 2007


This morning I was reading Joc's archives (still getting caught up), and she was talking about her new weight-loss plan, and her new way of living with food. She, like many women, has been an off-and-on dieter for years, and has struggled and struggled to lose weight. How much has she lost at this point (where I'm reading)? None. Nothing.

Well, that's really not all that truthful. Honestly, how much has she lost? Well, again like most women ... she's most likely lost half a billion pounds ... but you can't tell because those "lost" pounds are never really lost. They're just misplaced, damn them, and they always come back.

So the post that I was reading was all about her new plan ... and what's the new plan? A little something called Intuitive Eating. The basic concept as I understand it is that you just listen to your body and give it what it asks for. You can find something a bit more detailed here, but if what you want is a review that is strongly worded and passionate, try here, or here.

Like I said though, I'm reading the archives, and I'm not entirely sure how this concept is working currently.

However, I am going to look into this a little on my own, see what I find. So far, it just seems like common sense to me, but then I look around me, I see the world and the way it's going fast in a downhill direction, and I can see why common sense is so hard to come by. Especially when it comes to food, where so many people are completely off-base (like me), and having such a hard time dealing successfully with food in their lives. It could really be something cool, and if nothing else, I'll have learned something new. Win-win, right?