Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh My ...

Wow! I've just realized how very long it's been since I've been here and written anything that was actually really personal! To anyone out there who may have worried, I'm sorry for not updating ... but really, there hasn't been all that much to say.

With Boyfriend working so much and it being third shift, we don't see each other much so the relationship is still really at a standstill. It seems at the moment that we are really more room-mates than halves of a couple, and that's been hard. To be perfectly honest, it's been a huge part of the problems we have, and has helped everything to really escalate.

Then there's Teenybop, and she hasn't changed all that much lately either. Just the little girl she's always been, but maybe a little less fiesty. We've almost got her back to behaving herself lately and that was a challenge, but not unexpected. Because let's not lie here, anyone who thinks they are going to raise kids without having a little challenge here and there is an idiot, right? But we're making it, and she's getting better.

My cousin who was having so much trouble with her ex is drifting out of that situation again, and I'm really glad to see it this time ... she's been hanging out with this guy that is one of our really good friends. I went to high school with him, so I know him pretty well, and he's just so utterly sweet, and he's big and cute and cuddly. Just right. Then you tack on the fact that he's utterly in love with her son ... and he's pretty much just right. So they aren't really going out at this point, but there's something there that's so strong I can see it myself, it looks like it's really just a matter of waiting until they see it too. It'll be nice to see her finally with someone who's not such a loser.

And my weight ... Well, it's same old, same old. Waiting to be able to pull things together for the hormone testing, the doctor's office is supposed to be calling me any day now to let me know what it's going to look like for cost, and then I can get that taken care of.

The only new development has been Boyfriend's thoughts on re-enlisting in the United States Air Force. It's kind of a family tradition for him, and he was in for a little while, but then he really just wasn't ready so he got back out. Now he finds that since he's grown up a little, he misses it and really wants to go back. He can't re-enlist yet, they only take so many previous servicemen per year, but the new year for that starts in October. There's no way he can make the necessary preparations for that in such a short time, so the soonest he can try is next October, and he may have to wait a bit even after that before he's actually back in.

The bad thing about that? I'm not able to go with him to wherever they send him unless we are married. And I'm not ready to really seriously talk marriage right now. Not with us like this ...

But that's the only bad thing ... And there are lots of good things. He won't have to redo AF Basic Training, and that's cool, he'll get lots of travel, and that's cool too. So would Jo, if we get to a point by then where I'm willing to take that step to go with him. It would be a good life for all of us, and much less stressful (providing he doesn't get deployed of course), so that's something to think about too.

But since there's going to be a while before any of that really becomes an issue ... nothing's changed, LOL.

So there's the update, and I'll try to pay more attention to my life - try to look for something more interesting to say, LOL!