Friday, October 19, 2007

And Now? Let Me Tell You About "My" Men!

So lately, our house is SUPER full ...

Boyfriend had finally started to make friends at his job, and that was so cool. Both of us were thrilled, and I'm sure that in some way, it also helped us with our other issues. It's always good to be able to have a friend you can go to for advice, or just to gripe and have them listen, so it was good for him, and for us too. Problem is, the one friend that he was closest to was moving.

We had him over a lot, and there were two others that were often here as well, for now we'll call the moving one Goner, and we'll call the other two BigOne and LittleOne. So Goner was moving away, and it had Boyfriend more than a little down ... I mean, this was his first pal from this new job, and hey, it was one that was approved of by his woman, so that made it even better, right? It meant that he didn't have to sneak around about talking to some sleezeball, or not be able to see his friend because of some wretched shrew waiting to eat him when he got home. No, it meant that he could bring the friend home with him, and show off his "Mini-Martha" woman! Woo-hoo, happy He-Man, right?

But then Goner was, well ... Gone. And that left us with BigOne and LittleOne, who are just as totally cool as Goner was. And they came home with Boyfriend a lot too, and things were great. We got used to them being around the house, they got comfortable with being here, and with me also. Matter of fact, BigOne and I talk almost as much as BigOne and Boyfriend do. Enough to have made Boyfriend a little worried, truth be told, LOL ... and I don't mind, because while I wouldn't play around on a Boyfriend, expecially with one of his best pals, it's just nice to see that little hint of jealous that reminds a woman of how important she is to her man.

And then things went haywire.

LittleOne had his car break down. Totally down. Not like needs-a-water-pump down. Not even like needs-something-huge-like-a-head-gasket down. No, I mean BIG TIME BROKE DOWN, like needs-a-whole-new-engine broke down. So we opened our door a little wider and said, "Well, when you come over for dinner tonight, how about you just don't leave?" So he went through the fuss of no-I-just-couldn't-wouldn't-want-to-put-you-out-don't-want-to-wear-out-my-welcome and all that, but we shushed him and took him to follow the tow truck back to his place, waited while he dealt with all that, and while he gathered some clothes and stuff. So he was the first "boarder" ...

And then, well, I think BigOne just ended up here because it became the place to be. There's cooked food, a comfy couch, a tv, a billion game systems, music, friendship, conversation, a cute kid that behaves, and woman who's not entirely unpleasant, plus youthful, a good housekeeper, and a decent cook. What guy wouldn't have ended up pretty much staying? And the crazy thing is, even though there are some issues to be dealt with for LittleOne, and things that could definitely stand in the way of him ever being offered a permanent spot in our lives, BigOne is totally welcome here. Matter of fact, Boyfriend has offered him the use of my office once I get my rockin' Tablet PC and no longer need an office. I'm not opposed either. He's pretty much made himself at home here, he picks up his dishes, he keeps his things neat and out of the way, he's polite and well-mannered (hey, he's only 19, it could still be a while before he falls apart, right?), and he's a good friend to both Boyfriend and I. Bonus points: Sometimes when Teenybop does something cute or funny or just crazy, I'll hear him chuckle a little to himself. Yep, he's in.

And they have both gotten to feeling so comfy and welcome here, that they refer to their houses as their houses, and they refer to my house as "home."

Maybe I've got that Mini-Martha thing down a little better than I thought?