Friday, October 19, 2007

Update Part Two - The Relationship Front

It seems that all the trouble Boyfriend and I went through paid off for us in a lot of ways. We are much more able to talk about some of the issues that we'd had, both as people and as a couple.

The porn thing came back to bite us once, and I asked and he confessed, so all in all, there is progress. Also, the "relapse" was over a month ago. So there's been peace in my relationship lately, if not in my general life. But that's another post.

Having Teenybop in school has helped too, because even though Boyfriend and I don't go out as often together as we'd planned, we were definitely taking advantage of our alone time. We'd talk, we'd rest, we'd watch TV ... you know, just hang out, enjoy getting to really know each other in a whole new way that we'd never experienced together before. It was great, and it reminded both of us that we're here together because we've wanted to be, not just because now we've gotten ourselves tied together. I think we'd both started to think that we were just stuck, you know, with Teenybop being so in love with Boyfriend, and with our car being in both our names, some of the bills we pay are his, some are mine, things like that.

But it's been good time for us, time for us to see that we really do enjoy each other when we're not totally bogged down with stress. It's the leaning on each other in the the stress that we needed to work on, and we're coming to that, I think.

We've been better at finding ways to talk to each other, like with emails and things like that, little things that allow us to talk about things that might be hard to say face to face, or things that are tough subjects to talk about, things that are sensitive for one of us or the other. So for now? We're good again, and that's the way we plan to keep it.

Now, having his boys basically living with us is another story and another post, but I will say that it's given us lots of practice with the talking and leaning on each other thing ...