Friday, October 12, 2007

School Update

So here's the deal with how things are going lately with Teenybop and her school. SHE LOVES IT THERE! Today is the first of what will be two home visits with her teacher throughout the year, and I've got to go get the house in order here in a bit since it's been so full lately of our friends and all their stuff. But anyway, Teenybop is really loving getting to go to school, she likes getting up in the morning to get ready, she likes being able to talk to me a bit on the way, and she loves it when she gets there and gets to sing "The Good Morning Song".

I haven't had a chance to volunteer in her class yet with things being so busy around here; I'm going to try and stay there for the day at some point next week but we'll have to see how that goes. And in another week, she's got her first field trip coming up, and I'm totally going to that ... it's to a farm, so I know I'll get to watch Teenybop have a total blast checking out the chickens and stuff.

There are lots of friends for her too, and she loves it but having her in school is like a scary glimpse into the future, LOL ... she comes home all the time talking about who she played with, and who her little friends are at school. The problem is this - she comes home talking all the time about her little friends at school, all of whom are BOYS. There are about six or seven little girls in her class, including Teenybop ... and while her teachers assure me that she does hang out with the girls here and there, she mostly is interested in the guys ... YIKES!

But that's okay, I guess. At least she isn't one of the few in her class that are screamers and don't let their moms leave, right? I'm finally getting the break I'd begun to feel pretty desperate for, and it's so great. I can worry about the rest as it comes. In the meantime, I'm not less busy like I'd thought I'd be ... but I'm less frazzled somehow, and I'm loving the time that I sometimes get to myself. There isn't much between trying to still spend time with Boyfriend, and especially now that he's got two friends who basically live with us ... but still. The friends aren't a problem, I love having the additional conversation, not to mention how funny and entertaining (and cute) they are.

Anyway, more to come, but I'm off and running again!