Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Not much time this morning to devote to writing, as I'm simply trying to keep quiet while I wait for my house to wake up, but here's a little something about why my blog seems to be in dire need of some life support, and what I think of the new year.

When I started this blog, I was a crazy blogging lady with a lot on my mind. And isn't that why most of us start blogs? Just to get the thoughts out of our heads, to clear our minds of all the clutter, even if it's only for a few minutes? The thing is, most people beyond that who end up with really great blogs that are totally worth reading (like self-explorer DietGirl and thoughtful Joc) still tend to find something to say on a somewhat regular basis. Me? I have to try for it. And it's not that I mind that, but something else that has changed since I started this blog is the fullness of my life. I've met a lot of people in the past year, made some new friends, caught up with some old ones that I'd been missing for nearly (or more than) a decade, and lost around 35 pounds so far. So it's been a busy year, but a good one.

In the past year, I've learned a lot about myself, about the way that I deal with people, and the ways that I deal with myself. The way that I talk to me has changed, and over the last year (combined with the two before that), I've learned to like me for who I am, for how I turned out. I've learned to appreciate my own personality, my better traits as well as my flaws. I've learned more about parenting, more about relationships, and more about my world in general. I fell in love a million times with my daughter, half a million times with Boyfriend/Fiance, once or twice with kickboxing, and then again with all but one of my new friends.

I've moved, I've settled in. I've packed up garbage and unpacked things to keep, both in my new home, and in myself. I've gone out, I've stayed home, I've been both drunk and sober. All in all, the year was worth it, and good enough to make me realize that it's okay (though it may be unrealistic) to hope that this coming year will be full of great things and new wonders.

Who knows, I might be full of crap, and maybe I'll get hit by a semi tomorrow morning. Maybe my luck will finally run out and it'll be this afternoon. Or maybe the building the apartment that I love is in will burn down.

But maybe it won't ....