Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Post of The Year, And The Truck Already Hit Me

I've got a ton of stuff to say, once I get the time to sit down here and bang through it all, both in my head, and on this keyboard. So far this year, here's the short parts of what has happened to me and mine:
  • Boyfriend/Fiance lost his job because of a personal grudge that had nothing to do with him ...
  • Teenybop is having surgery this summer. We knew about the defect in her heart, but didn't think the "fixing" would have to be this soon ... she'll only be four tomorrow, and still barely over 35 pounds. I've heard all the stuff, and I'm not worried about the "procedure". But I'm her mother, and damn it, I'm scared.
  • My cousin's ex is a total jerk. Already this year he's managed to separate her from her son, and have her put in jail. She's out now though, and he's already made himself look stupid enough that in the end, he'll be the one screwed, not Dana.
  • My bills are piling up unpaid as of yet (but don't worry Jess, I'm getting it figured), and there is a job on the horizon for Boyfriend/Fiance ... but it doesn't start till the fourth. In the meantime, the bills aren't going to take a vacation from coming.
  • I've become more sure than ever that what's wrong with me is a thyroid problem, as my symptoms are continuing to get worse and the list of symptoms that I have is getting longer. However, I've got to find one of the doctors out there who treats people by how they feel and not how their bloodwork looks. It's been hard, but that's my medical goal now because I SO don't trust bloodwork. I had blood pregnancy tests that were negative when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Teenybop.
  • My relationship with my dad was once something that I treasured above nearly anyone else in my life. He was my hero. Was. Over the holiday season, I lost my dad. Now don't get me wrong ... My father is still alive, he's not dead or anything. He just stopped bothering to be a dad, that's all.
  • The situation with Ex-Husband is about to heat up again ... and that'll be my own doing, but I just don't like the way I'm feeling about it all. I've had some weird dreams during the few times when I'm able to sleep, but in the end, I'm just going to handle it because it needs to be handled ... even though I'm scared to death.

And like I said, that's the short of it ... You can have the long version when I get the chance to straighten out all this in my head, you know? But be prepared to give me a minute, because it's only the 24th of January, and all of this except for the situation with my dad has been in the past week or so. So I'm a bit scrambled.