Thursday, April 24, 2008

Little Beets

So I've got plants now. Real live, actual plants that I grew from seed, all by myself.

Well, except for Fiance helping me to turn dirt and make sure there's enough water falling on it daily. And God, who really did all the hard work.

But, like I said ... real plants that I grew all by myself!

Okay, the above photo is my little bitty beets. The funny thing is, I love those little things, and I'm so proud of me for growing them ... but I don't eat beets. They were just in my seed packet, and I was going to get rid of them, but my mother begged me to grow them because she likes them ... But aren't they cute anyway?

The one below is going to be a broccoli plant ... hopefully. I've heard that broccoli doesn't like heat and too much sunshine ... and it is coming up on summer soon, after all. So we shall see. But for now, I've got a baby broccoli! Yeah!