Sunday, May 18, 2008

Okay, I'm a Loser.

I did manage to weigh in this morning, but since I forgot that I was supposed to list my first stats today, I can't give fat percentages yet. Maybe next week, but going on what they usually are, I'd say I'm about 40%-45% fat. Way too much.

Other stats:

  • Weight: 202. This is mostly bad. Bad because I've worked way too hard in the past year to lose these 30 pounds, and I'd rather cut it off myself in my living room all alone than watch it grow back ... but on the other hand, it's not too bad. Because it could be due to some ... uh ... "uterine possibilities." But that's another post, so more on that later.
  • However, the weight gain could also be due to the fact that I have been able to mostly maintain success on the exercise front. Which means protein shakes, bike rides, and pilates. Not much, but I've been alternating things and also trying to walk more. Not too hard on the knee, but still moving all the same. That, however, means more muscle ... and more weight. But if it's muscle and not fetus ... then I'm due to lose some soon. Yay!

Stats are lame today, but I will try to list more stuff next time!