Thursday, August 7, 2008

Like, Oh My Gosh!!!! (Gettin' snarky here ...)

Okay, typically, I'm really down to earth, laidback and all that stuff. Nice to everyone (mostly - unless they are ignorant enough to really REALLY annoy me). And today I just found the most idiodic, shallow Barbie-doll, valley-girl photo caption. So I'm going to have to break character and snark on it.

I can't post the photo, because I know the girls who are in it, and one of them might cry if she knew that I think she is a ... well, she's an ... okay, I admit. She's kind of a total airhead.

So the photo is the girl I know and one of her friends, presumably dolled up for some sort of all night, drink-till-you-act-stupid-and-maybe-screw-someone-you-don't-know kind of party. They actually look really cute, and only a little drunk.

And the caption says ....

(insert drumroll here)

"God we are hott! We feel sorry for other people. LOL."

Are they kidding? While they really are pretty attractive, who is actually shallow enough to take pity on other people who don't look like them? I mean, come on, the world would be boring if it were actually full of empty-headed barbie-blondes with huge blue eyes like windows to nothing, right?

And lest you, readers, think that I am so hideous as to be offended by this on account of jealousy ... Think not. I may have some extra pounds, and most of that is skin, but even then I carry it well enough that even people who know me are a little shocked that I have weight issues, because THEY CAN'T SEE IT! So I'm actually pretty cute, and I even have my own set of blue eyes, which are windows to much more than nothing ... but come on! "Hott" with two t's?!?

I don't think so ...