Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Worrying a little more because I really feel that I haven't done that enough yet ... I was making dinner tonight and offerred up a prayer while I listened to the radio.

I asked for money of course, because God's word tells us that when we need something, He knows it. But it also tells us that He wants us to ask. Just like when Teenybop was a toddler and she was late in starting to talk because I would get the drink before she knew she wanted it. Finally in an effort to make her talk to me, I stopped getting her anything unless she asked for it first. So I ask my Father when I am in need, and though sometimes He surprises me with what He sends, my God is one who provides for His people's needs.

But money isn't all I asked for. I trust in Him to provide, so I offerred that to Him as well. Because of Jesus' death, I don't have to offer up a goat in praise ... I can just tell God that I love Him and the ways He works in my life. I asked for peace too. And this is what he sent me: