Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feeling Linky Today ...

  1. Lately at my church, my pastor has been having a different person from the congregation come up and give their testimony, and I was especially moved by this one, given in several parts: Nathaniel's Letter, and Miracle Boy. When Kristin went up to speak about her son (the posts linked above mirror the testimony she gave), I was moved to tears. This is a mother who loves both her family and her God so honestly and so openly that it brought tears all around in the sanctuary Last Sunday morning.

  2. An especially moving scripture that I just tripped over in the archives of another blog, in a post entitled, "What A Mighty God".

  3. And yet more of God speaking into my life. I think I'll keep this particular blog in my blogroll, that I might find more treasures in it such as this one.