Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

So my day ended on a terrible note. It was a rough day as motherhood goes, and ended with a spanking and an early bedtime.

And she says to me with the cutest smile ever, "Do you want me to leave my pants up or down? Because sometimes I don't feel it much with them up."

I instructed her to leave them down, and almost couldn't stop a grin when she calmly said, "All right then," pulled them down to her ankles, and calmly bent over the side of her bed.

"You know mom," she continued, "it only hurts a little bit with Mr. Listen (wooden spoon ... I know, I'm from the dark ages), but it's really good with a belt."

Imagine that. I've got a kid who instructs me on how to give the best spanking. I can see the leather chaps and whip now ... and god help the man she marries.

Finally, if you'd like to participate in Tiny Talk Tuesday, just click the photo in this post, which will take you to the guidelines for participation. And if you're a dork like me who has no clue how work "Mr. Linky" ... just post on your blog anyway, and let me know you did so I can see what you're Tiny's are talking about!