Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-Elect Barak Hussein Obama

I'm not a politician. I've never been that much into politics. But is it just me or does that title with that name look wrong? I don't know exactly what his plan is because I've never had a little sit-down with him, I've never personally interviewed him. I don't know what his answers to my questions would be. And really, what difference would it make anyway since most politicians are simply big eloquent liars looking to sit in the best seat in the American White House? I suspect that he like most other politicians would tell me as much of what I wanted to hear as he could discern. But like I said, I don't know him personally. I don't know whether he is honest or not.

But I know what I've heard:
  • Barak Obama is inexperienced, and therefor unqualified to take on this country especially in it's current crisis state, and that's without saying that we are in a wartime.
  • He comes from a history of Muslim tradition, and this could be a problem for me as I am a Christian who WILL REFUSE to convert, but if this Muslim history really guides him today, it truly frightens me for the sake of my children growing up in this country.
  • He has way too many connections with terrorist supporters and sympathizers for my comfort. I have heard it said that he is quoted promising support to the nation of Islam, another big problem for me since I would prefer this country to have a Christian conservative leader.
  • He is in favor of both partial birth abortion policies and homosexual marriage. Maybe I'm making enemies with this post, but these are only my views ... if you don't like them check out the link to my disclaimer which can be found in the sidebar on the right of this page.
  • He intends to withdraw from Iraq, bringing all troops home and effectively ending the support system that has been set up over there. Regardless of what is seen on the news where they profit from showing only the pain and suffering of the world, I believe that the Iraqi people are grateful for the American troops there who have risked life and limb to stop their suffering and give them protection from terror and persecution. I believe that this will leave Iraq open to other dictatorships and that it will leave all those people feeling abandonded and vulnerable. While I am sad for the loss of military men and women who have fought and died and while I am fully in support of their preference to be at home with their families, I also have personal contact with several soldiers and my best friend who happens to be a soldiers' wife, and the overwhelming sense among most of my military friends is that they have a sense of duty and protection for the still-defenseless people of Iraq. I wish the military men and women to come home safely just like the next person, but I cannot support the idea of backing down and bringing everyone home until the job is finished and the country is strong and ready to stand on it's own.

There are many more points against Barak Obama, but I'm not getting into all of them here because I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist and typing all that out could leave me in pain for days, but I will say this:

To Obama, I wish to issue a personal challenge (even though he will likely never see this, I want it out there anyway): "Prove yourself. You have had many people try to make a fool out of you, and you have made promises you may not be able to keep. It has already been said that your life is on the line and that there are already people out there who will literally be gunning for you, seeking to end your life because of your alleged sympathy to terrorists and your insensitivity to the war on terror. I am not one of those people, and I will personally surround you and your family with daily prayer. But I also certainly hope that you will prove yourself a better man than what you have been made out to be. It would be despicable of you to simply end the war on terror, to back out of this country's commitments, to send the message that America is a doormat willing to be stepped on, and that we do not have the strength and power to stand up for those in need. That said, I will support you personally as my president, and will show the due respect in speaking of a man in such a very hard position. After your victory had been announced last night, one of the things you said was that you acknowledge the concerns of those like me who did not vote for you, and that you undertand the challenge that lies ahead for you of winning those people over in order to truly reunite the American people. I personally would love to see that, and will pray that you turn out to be good for this country. But as I have said, I like many others am in doubt of your talent and ability to lead the American people in any way other than shamefully. At this point I and many like me have very little faith in you. So if you can, prove yourself. We'll all be waiting."