Monday, November 17, 2008


So today I was reading up, just catching up on the various blogs that I like to keep track of, and I haven't had much energy to post for Tiny Talk Tuesday, but I've still be reading them, and there's always a list at the bottom of the post that is made up of links to other people's Tiny Talk posts. On days that I've really got energy and I'm in the mood for a laugh, I like to click the links and check out what the kids around the world are saying even if mine didn't say anything really funny that week. And today I found the usual funny kid-comments, but I also found something very inspiring.

Sometimes when you're a blogger you go to your blog the way you'd go to a friend when you've had a bad day, and you gripe and whine and complain and say things that you may not even really mean just to get the weight of whatever's bothering you off your chest. And that's okay, there's nothing wrong with having somewhere to vent because let's face it, holding onto your stress isn't really all that high on the "Recommended Ways To Be Healthy" list. But what about the unsung heroes that try to find a way to be positive? I don't know if this particular blog is always positive or not since it's the first time I've ever seen it, but I did like something I saw there, and hope sincerely that Monica over at Shine Again wouldn't be upset to see her words copied here ... I also have no idea what "verse" she refers to but anyway, this is what she says to explain why she named her blog what she named it:

"I am reminded by this verse that God is glorified most when I live contently and receive every and all circumstances as from His hand. I would like to do great and notable things for Him, but it is by not grumbling and complaining that I will be the light that He has called me to be.
So, when my life is predictable and I'm tired and I'm cleaning off the kitchen table for the unteenth time and I've gotten sauce all over my only white shirt and my friend is sad or hurting and my child is frustrated with school and I've just managed to drop a whole box of crayons in the dryer vent and I would like some time of quiet to pray, read the Bible and sing....I remember this passage. This is my moment to Shine Again."

Like I said before, I don't know what the particular passage is that she refers to, but I don't feel that that takes away from her message at all. It's about remembering to be positive and content in your life, finding a way to shine in spite of the normality that life can hold, about being grateful to have the shirt that used to be white, the kids that keep spilling sticky stuff on the table, and the husband that's asking you what's for dinner even though you don't feel good and you'd rather just skip the hassle of dinner entirely.

Because that's what Jesus would have done. If the bread wasn't perfect, maybe it had a little too much salt in the dough ... he would have given thanks for it anyway and reminded his disciples to do the same. When his feet were dusty and surely sore from all the contant walking ... he walked anyway to achieve the purpose he'd been sent to achieve, and he reminded his disciples to continue their works even when times were hard. I doubt he would have complained if his wine was a little too tart, a little too sweet, or is perhaps it had just a little sediment in it from the wineskin. That's not what he came for, and it's not what we're created for either.

Sure it's nice when the wine is perfect, the bread is soft and fluffy, tasty and well flavored, and your feet are propped up, the skin smooth and untouched by troubles. But really, just looking at things with a little perspective can be a huge deal in even a minor trial.

Yes, you just got your shirt ruined with baby vomit because he drank a little more milk than he should have.

Then again, you're able to have a little baby, able to hold him even when you're not dreaming. And you have enough milk for him to have overdone his feeding. Enough for him to have overeaten in a world where children literally starve to death every day. And you own a shirt which is more than some people can say.

I don't know if Monica meant that little bit to be inspiring, or if she just sees it as a simple explanation for why she chose Shine Again for the name of her blog. But I was inspired.