Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That'll Do, Pig. That'll Do.

I've been reading through my archives tonight, doing some proofreading (only in passing), and mainly just looking at where I am as compared to where I was on any given post in the past. I'm still way in the beginning at this point, back in April of 2007 ... and my main thing at that point was just me being surprised that I felt the desire to come here regularly. To sit down and type out a little about my thoughts and feelings at that point in my life.

I talked a lot in the very beginning of this blog about my lousy habits when it comes to journaling and the whole blogging concept, about how I'm sucky at keeping any sort of journal because I don't often have anything "deep" to say, therefore no reason to record the mundane thoughts I have from day to day. But reading other blogs along with the books I devour daily and the major conversations I have in daily life, it turns out that this time around I've got something to say.

So I've officially blogged at least once a month and usually quite a bit more than that ever since I started this blog in April 2007! I've managed to stick around! I've managed to find something to say!! And now I'm looking back, checking out what I've said in the past eighteen months, what I've been feeling and doing ... And maybe I'll have some new reflections.

This should definitely be fun if nothing else ...