Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Remembering Teenybop

"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things."

This verse from the apostle Paul sent my mind in Teenybop's direction today. With the constant ADHD symptoms and accompanying issues, sometimes it can be hard for those around her to find her good side under all her struggles. I myself have been subject to this negative attitude, but this verse and my frustration with the attitudes of those around us has inspired me to make it a point to look again. Perhaps it is a situation where I can lead by example, trying harder to find her good side and bring it out for others to see.

The verse has inspired me to spend a little time studying my older daughter, getting to know her again, remembering and recording her more positive qualities to look back on when I need reminding.

"Whatever is true ..." I have always prided my daughter for her honesty. She will even tell the truth knowing that she is going to get into trouble! These days, she will even allow her conscience to force her to tell on herself. She will often come to me saying, "Mommy I know you'll be mad, but ..."

"Whatever is noble ..." Teenybop's noble and generous heart for others is another quality in her that I cherish. She is all-forgiving, even when she has had her little feelings hurt over and over again. She is willing to be friends with anyone, no matter how mean or how troubled. And she is willing to share or give nearly anything she has with someone who is less fortunate, someone who is hurting, or anyone she perceives to be in need.

"Whatever is right ..." My daughter's sense of justice and fairness is well-developed. She will generally go out of her way to help someone in need, and she hates to see someone treated unfairly. She stands up for those she loves without hesitation and is always the first to give hugs to someone who's feeling down. She's always there when you fall to help you up, always there when you cry to gently wipe away a tear. And she nearly always loves the underdog the best.

"Whatever is pure ..." My Teenybop has the purest heart of all the angels ... sweet, kind, and loving. She is a gentle soul, a natural encourager, and rarely uses her words as weapons even though she knows it can be done.

"Whatever is lovely ..." This one is easy ... My daughter is very lovely. She is a sight to behold, slender and toned with a beautiful face. She has big blue eyes full of sparkle and light, a little button nose sprinkled with tiny freckles, and just the cutest little pout. She has even been learning how to put her own hair in a ponytail, and can do a pretty good job, actually.

This was a great post to set for myself. It reminded me that my little daughter is an admirable creature, both excellent and praiseworthy. A true gift sent into my life ... even if she does often bring me to my knees in prayer. And from now on, I will strive to remember her admirable qualities even when she is not behaving admirably, to see her as excellent and make her feel praiseworthy. Because I must also remember that she isn't mine, really. She is on loan from God, therefore she must be all these things ...