Thursday, August 20, 2009


On August 19th, we took Teenybop to the doctor for her ADHD evaluation.

We walked out with two diagnoses, ADHD and ODD ... They also gave us a prescription for Focalin XR but we still haven't started it because we have to wait for approval from her cardiologist before we can give her stimulant medication since she has had heart problems before.

We are now waiting anxiously to see if we will get the approval for the medicine, and we also feel a mix of nervous, anxious/afraid, and hopeful for what will happen in the days and weeks to follow the start of the meds.

What will her side effects be, if there are any? Will her already minuscule appetite vanish? Will her generally loving disposition be replaced by even more anger? What about violent tendencies, and psychotic behaviors?

And will all this worry eventually turn out to be worth it in the end?