Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Touch of Jealousy? I Think Not.

These days our minor case of sibling rivalry and jealousy has turned into a RAGING case of "Look At Me!" And we are at a loss.

This comes on the heels of a partial ADHD diagnosis at the end of last summer, during which we decided to avoid medications completely if possible. But now? I am almost ready to beg for something that will help my Teenybop regain both her sense of self-control and her desire to use it. I am at the end of my child-rearing knowledge, and desperate for some intervention.

I have become the terrified mother of a five year old girl whose behaviors are alienating her from loved ones who simply do not have the patience for her energetic lack of focus. But that's not all, either. Her inability to control her actions and listen/obey have begun to lead to dangerous behaviors, such as the day she opened her car door ... While we were driving.

I just can't take this lightly anymore.