Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do You Think I'm Beautiful ... Do You Notice Me?

Do you ever stand in the middle of the home you've made and feel like the people who live there hardly notice your efforts? Do you sometimes look at your children in shock, astonished that they could forget your loving hands on their fevered skin, that they could be standing there telling you how mean and hateful you are? Maybe you've "ruined everything"? Have you stood in front of the man you love and wondered why he never seems to really hear you when you talk?

Have you ever felt invisible? I have. I do every day. I feel invisible every day of my life, and sometimes I wonder is there life our there? Isn't there more? Isn't there a wild romance, full of love and passion that doesn't wax and wane like the moon? Isn't there a strong woman inside me, even if it's true that no one can see her?

Let me tell you, there is a woman inside you that is strong. There is a strong passionate love out there for you. There is more to your life, and you are not invisible to God. God sees you. He sees the pain that no one notices in your eyes when you're on your weary knees on a hard floor, giving your child another bath because they threw up again. He knows without asking that it's killing your back to bend like that, especially since you did all the floors today. He sees the disappointment in your eyes when your husband doesn't remember your anniversary. He cries with you when you tell someone you love that they have hurt you terribly ... and that person doesn't react the way you had hoped. He feels the searing heat of heartbreak in your chest the first time your beautiful little angel "baby" stands against you and tells you they hate you because you make them clean their room. He feels it all. He knows how you feel. And he is right there with you. He loves with you, hurts with you, cries with you.

He notices you, in all things. And He STILL thinks you're beautiful. He thinks you're beautiful when your hair is messy and it's gone flat in the humidity. He thinks you're beautiful even when your mascara has run a bit in the heat. He thinks you're beautiful when you're a little bloated, when you're having a "fat" day. He thinks you're beautiful even if every day is a "fat" day. He listens, every time you say, "We need to talk." He hears every single word you say to Him, and every single word you don't say to Him. And thinks of you constantly, imagines how wonderful your life can be. He is constantly making plans for you, seeking you out, pursuing you earnestly. Because He has always thought you were beautiful. And that will never change ... even after the first six months. He will still be fascinated, captivated, enthralled, in love ... and He will notice you.