Monday, December 14, 2009

Do You Think I'm Beautiful ... More Than A Sheep

So often, Christians (and indeed women) see themselves as one of many in the church. Angela Thomas talks about how we are like sheep to our God, to be watched over and taken care of. That we are lost and then found, injured and then healed, dirty ... and now clean under the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

She says, "Maybe I'm sheep #8,472,003." I love that self-numbering for more than one reason, the first of which is the simple enormity of what seems to be such a random number. 8472003. Imagine that many sheep, or indeed that many people! To be only one of so very many can seem a bit stale and insignificant when you look at it like that. Certainly you don't imagine those numbers and feel beautiful!

But here's the second reason I love that number, and a nice counter to the last paragraph. Imagine 8,472,003 sheep. Imagine that many sheep, if you can. Now imagine that you are one of them. Do you feel small? Insignificant? Perhaps unimportant? Now imagine that your shepherd knows you. Personally. Intimately. He remembers your birth, He remembers the first time you fell and got hurt. He remembers every single one of your tears and knows exactly how many hairs are on your head. He knows where you are, He knows each and every one of your thoughts. He knows your name. He knows your favorite color, your favorite food, your most embarrassing story ... your most painful memory. And He loves you anyway. He would never hurt you, He would never abandon you. Because to Him?

You are fascinating. You are captivating. And He loves you enough to die for you. So find that beauty within yourself, and learn to see you the way He does. Because He thinks you are beautiful.