Monday, March 1, 2010


Lately I feel like time is a hurricane wind, whipping past beyond my control and without my consent. It seems like I can close my eyes and imagine this same time last year ... since then I have given birth to my second perfect little blue eyed angel baby! That little Piglet and my Teenybop are both growing up faster and faster all the time, I have continued to grow and change as a woman, and Boyfriend/Fiance has transitioned into Private Ryan of the US Army. When he leaves for training in April, our family will transition again, and begin to prepare for many more changes over the next several years. It just seems like it is all flying by so fast ... But we all agree that these changes are for the best and we believe that we will come out better and stronger after these challenges are finished.

On one hand, the waiting is making me crazy, counting down the days until Private Ryan leaves us ... counting down to that day and preparing for the next countdown that will hopefully bring him home to us again if only for a few short days. After his training he will most likely be able to have a few days leave to come home before he has to report for duty, and at that point Boyfriend/Fiance will become Husband. Then we prepare for the next step, moving to the Army post to be with him, hoping that we are able to get appropriate housing to accomplish certain other family goals ... it is a long list we hope to accomplish most of before the summer is over. And the waiting to start drives me mad ... I just wish we could get on with it already!

Then again, I am well aware of how short 43 days is, and how soon all this will be underway ... How soon it will be when I am going to bed alone each night without his arms for warmth, and waking up alone each day to begin the morning routine by myself. I am a strong woman and we are a strong family even in times of trial so I know we will be okay, but still. I find myself shocked how fast time flies, how quickly it is slipping away without our notice! But truthfully? We are ready to blink away the rest of these short days and move into a new life as an Army family, and I believe that we will all thrive under the security and the routine of the military in spite of the risks we know we've signed up for.